• The world’s most secure Domain Name and DNS Management Software

    With scalability, security and stability at its core, DomiNIC provides any type of organisation with a GUI driven workflow-orientated system that can be delivered in-house or through cloud infrastructure.

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  • Applied for a .brand TLD?
    Wave goodbye to defensive registrations

    Through DomiNIC you can administer access to your TLD across your internal users, affiliates and licensees.

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HOME/DomiNIC Logo Key Features:

  • Registrar agnostic (can be connected to any globally recognised registrar)
  • Ability to set up a hierarchy-based rights and profile management system
  • Batch interface for bulk transactions
  • Over 1700 NICs fully supported and documented
  • Dashboard showing real-time domain and dns data
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Integrates with other business software including accounting and CRM
  • DNSSEC ready including key-management
  • 2FA with Google Authenticator (out of the box)
  • Can be set up as a reseller system with separate access points
  • Multiple Nameserver Support (PowerDNS, BIND, NSD, Knot and Akamai)
  • On premise and cloud ready

What is DomiNIC?

DomiNIC is the world's most advanced integrated registrar software with a 20 year track record of making the management of domains and zones easy and more efficient. It is being offered as both a software solution and for internal management of .brand TLDs.

Do you sell domain names?


Using DomiNIC to connect to your domain suppliers helps to improve efficiency and can reduce costs by up to 40%. DomiNIC allows you to automate order flows, create your own policies of access and authorisation and you can even integrate with your existing billing and CRM systems. DomiNIC easily integrates with new Registries and Registrars helping you to keep up with demand for new gTLDs whilst maintaining automation.

Did you apply for a .brand TLD?

Wondering how you can effectively drive awareness of your new TLD amidst the constraints of compliance, low internal industry knowledge and a complex network of affiliates and licensees. DomiNIC’s fine-grained authorization concept lets you create your own policies of access and authorization. You need to put your .brand TLD in the hands of the right people in your organisation and you can do this safely using DomiNIC.

Customers currently using DomiNIC

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