DomiNIC is perfect for .brand applicants

Manage your internal users, affiliates and licensees in a customised space
with our unique domain management solution

Our software gives you:

Get the solution for all your dot brand's future needs, from day one
"The world's best and most powerful domain and user management tool."

DomiNIC provides .brand holders with:

  • The most advanced user administration system on the market with thousands of different levels of user access easily administered.
  • Connection of the user administration system to your preferred Name Servers for zone file management
  • Point of entry zone file validation as well as scheduled zone file changes
  • The ability to schedule creation, modification or removal of domains/zone files
  • The ability to create a list of “Bad Words” (offensive terms, competitor names, unannounced ventures, etc.) which can either be blocked or set to require approval by an administrator
  • The ability to fix the domain data or name servers used for domain registration by certain users
  • The ability to specify the language that the console is displayed in
  • The ability to create internal validation requirements (such as a Trademark license upload for a licensee account) as well as internal approval or notification system for domain requests

You need to put your .brand TLD in the hands of the right people in your organisation and you can do this safely no matter where or who these people are thanks to DomiNIC.